Real Estate Made Easy

Reshaping the real estate industry using blockchain technology.

Token Contract Audit by Hacken
Dubai Commercial License Certificate
Liquidity Pool Tokens Locked for 100 Years

We've imagined a place where investors become a part of something greater in the real world.


Founded in November 2022, Crypto Real Estate LLC (CRE) is a blockchain-based real estate company that aims to connect the real estate industry with cryptocurrencies.



Token liquidity locked for 100 years


Contract verified & fully audited by Hacken


Fully doxxed team & transparent spending


Easy to use products built with investors in mind


Established in UAE with a Dubai LLC Certificate


First of its kind products & services on the markets


Connecting the real estate and cryptocurrency industries

A First Of Its Kind Crypto Hotel

A state of the art crypto hotel that will offer several types of services to our clients and accept cryptocurrency payments, all serving the crypto industry, and create multiple revenue streams directly benefiting the $CRE token holders:

  • Booking rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Crypto expo space
  • Digital billboard advertising
  • On-site training courses

Real Estate Marketplace App

We enable real estate buyers and sellers to connect and trade real estate property using cryptocurrencies, real estate companies to display their listings and advertise, as well as many other services related to the real estate industry including design and construction engineering, sharing CVs and more. No middleman. No fees.

CRE Utilities & Benefits


$CRE token fuels all of our products and utilities

Buy tax
100% of it automatically burned
Transfer tax
Sell tax
Marketing & development
Token burns
Total supply
The CRE token is not officially affiliated with Crypto Real Estate LLC. The company will request a VARA approval once the project goals are met as outlined in the project whitepaper. Upon obtaining a VARA approval, the CRE token will be the official currency of the company. The project team does not own any unlocked tokens or benefits in any way from money the project makes via trade tax. All of the team, partner, and construction tokens are vested for 6 months, and will be relocked in case the tokens are not needed for further development.


About Us

Our core team has over a decade of experience in several industries including digital marketing, business administration and development, and sales operations, as well as a few years in the cryptocurrency industry as project managers and advisors.


Shawn Upton

Shawn has 25 years of business experience in a multitude of industries including real estate, finance, sales, business development, and US politics.  He excels at finding novel solutions to complex problems and is passionate about blockchain and the bright future the industry has in front of it.


Andrej Kovacevic

Andrej has 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.He's spent the last 3 years specializing in marketing for crypto currency projects and companies. He's the founder of a marketing agency as well as several technology and finance publications. Andrej is in charge of the technical aspects of company growth.


The Project Roadmap

Step Into The Real Estate Crypto Revolution

Q2 2023

Company Foundation & Token Launch

  • Expand social media community and followers, conduct AMAs.
  • First CEX listing for the CRE token.
  • Conduct online events and AMAs for investors.
  • First marketing campaigns.
  • Expand the core team.
  • Development of the utility NFT collection.

Q3 2023

Project Exposure & Community Growth

  • Social channels AMAs, events & community contests.
  • Centralized exchange listing for the CRE token.
  • Smaller scale marketing campaigns.
  • Utility NFT collection development.
  • First digital board member group establishment.

Q4 2023

Blockchain Migration & Product Development

  • Migrate the CRE token from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum network.
  • Development of the mobile app 2.0.
  • Development of the staking platform.
  • Renew LLC & activity registration certificate.

Q1 2024

Staking MVP Launch & Product Suite Planning

  • Launch staking protocol MVP with first CRE staking pool.
  • Development of the staking product 2.0.
  • Community & social channels team expansion.
  • Planning the new suite of Home3 products.

Q2 2024

Products Launch & Branding Updates

  • Core team reorganization & expansion.
  • Full branding & documentation updates.
  • Full staking product launch & new staking pools.
  • Home3 mobile app official launch.
  • Home3 product suite roadmap launch.
  • Onboarding advisors & ambassadors.

Q3 2024

NFT Launch, Suite3 Products Development

  • Development of Suite3 products.
  • Establishment of regulatory and legal framework.
  • Intense marketing for Suite3 product and NFT collection.
  • CRE utility NFT collection launch.
  • Strategic partnerships.
  • Establishment of business development team.

Q4 2024

New Suite3 Product Launch & Real Estate Planning

  • New Suite3 product launch.
  • Public sector marketing for the new product.
  • Introduction of new products.
  • Major Home3 app upgrades.
  • New token exchange listings.
  • Planning for the first CRE property acquisition.


Q2 2023

Company Setup & Token Launch

  • Establish company structure and legal framework.
  • Build core team: developers, marketers, managers.
  • Launch official project website and CRE token on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Launch the CRE mobile app MVP for Android and iOS.
  • Begin growing social media presence.
  • Form first crypto project partnerships.

Q3 2023

Project Exposure & Growth

  • Expand social media community and followers, conduct AMAs.
  • First CEX listing for the CRE token.
  • Conduct online events and AMAs for investors.
  • First marketing campaigns.
  • Expand the core team.
  • Development of the utility NFT collection.

Q4 2023

Migration & Utility Development

  • Migrate the CRE token from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum network.
  • Mobile app v2.0 development commences.
  • Staking protocol v1.0 development commences.
  • Renew LLC & activity certificate.
  • Lay groundwork for future company initiatives.
  • Onboarding advisors & ambassadors.

Q1 2024

Staking & Mobile App Release

  • Launch staking protocol v1.0 with rewards for token stakers.
  • Mobile app v2.0 release & marketing via traditional channels.
  • Commence development of a multi-chain staking protocol v2.0
  • Major crypto marketing campaigns across X and other platforms.
  • First RWA project partnerships.

Q2 2024

NFT Collection & Staking 2.0

  • Launch staking product v2.0 and begin a marketing campaign.
  • Major marketing campaign to promote the NFT collection.
  • Launch the CRE utility NFT collection on OpenSea.
  • Create the first custom staking pools for partners & clients.
  • Expand the mobile app with more features.

Q3 2024

Real Estate Projects Planning

  • Review NFT collection performance & begin planning for the first CRE real estate project.
  • The goals for quarters 3 and 4 of 2024 will be added as we reach important milestones in previous quarters and identify the areas that need improvement and come up with new USPs to build.

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